Pension credit

Hi all i have not bean pay my pension credit to day i allways get it with my low state pension every monday does any one no if thay are late paying them this week as I have never had this before shud i phone them up

Have they paid it yet, John?

If not, I would contact them.


Yep had to ring them but got it a few hours later as a some sort of funding payment don’t no what that’s all about
It might have been cos (it’s for me dad) he put a foarm in for AA for the night as well ,as he gets it for the day but he need help
At night to now
I thort that had stop his PC for one minute
Do anyone no if they can stop his PC with applaying for the extra night allowance for AA

Attendance Allowance is a non means tested benefit. It should not affect his pension credit, which is income related.

Can I ask what is wrong with dad?

Is 84 diabetic very week need a frame and my help to get about
It’s just funny how for the first time in nearly 2 years he did not get it on the same day as his state pension
Just when we put in for that exter AA