Hello Everyone,
I’d like to know what to expect from a Local Authority when they carry out a PCNA for adult carers of a young child with a disability.

Also, what experiences have others had? If it helps the borough is Richmond upon Thames.

Many thanks


I have no idea what a PCNA is??

I’m assuming that a PCNA is a Parent Carers’ Needs Assessment.

Broadly speaking it’s similar to the Carers Assessment for adults, except the choice element is removed. Parents are considered responsible for every aspect of their child’s life. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to do it all, but some social care teams seem to think it does. But while parents are responsible for their child’s education - well, that’s a responsibility often discharged by getting your child to a school. Same with your child’s health. You’re not expected to go into the woods to find a specific tree bark and make curative drugs from that - you go to the doctor. (Sorry, I’m starting to soapbox!).

So a needs assessment should look at how you’re managing and whether or not you need help. That may be contact with support groups, or it could be practical support with certain care tasks.

The interesting thing, incidentally, is that the Richmond upon Thames council website directs parent carers to the Adult Carers Assessments page, which suggests that they will be following that model but leaving out the “choice” element. The web page is very useful as it has some tips for you: Carer's assessments - London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Absolutely prepare in advance and jot down notes to help remind you - you will forget something otherwise. We all do!