Partner has MS

Hi all,

My partner has MS, and I have to help get her ready on a morning. So she can get to work on time. I work Nightshift at a supermarket and changed my hours to 3am- 7am, to accommodate her in her new job. Which now starts at 9am. I was originally working 4-8am, which worked because she was working elsewhere at started at 10am. My hours have now reverted back to 4am -8am, however compromised at 3:30 - 7:30, finishing at 7:30am just isn’t allowing adequate time for me to help her get ready and get her to work on time. I was told that no one would be starting at 3am, however low and behold there are other people with no responsibilities working from 3am. I don’t know whether to go to the union or just speak with my manager regarding the issue.


I would speak to your manager first and only go the union if you get nowhere with the manager. ACAS might have advice on their website too.
Other options are; your partner could have a Needs Assessment and help from a PA to get her up or she could ask her work for a slightly later start.


Discrimination by association may be a useful thing to bone up on.