Hello everyone - new to the group!

I’ve been a carer for my husband for the best part of ten years, he has progressive MS. We have been through a lot of ups and downs and I did some counselling earlier in the year to help me with the guilt I was carrying around continuing to work full time (we have Social Service carers in now too).
I’m looking forward to meeting folks and finding a place to say those things you don’t really say in ‘ordinary’ conversations.
Hope everyone is appreciating the sunshine today!

Hello Eustoncat and welcome to the gang!
I have a family member with MS although I’m not the carer and I believe it’s the other type? The person is doing well and still holding down a full time job, It still impacts on their life.
How is your husband now and is there any particular reason you have come to the forum? Any problems or concerns? Have you got all the help you need at the moment?
No need to feel guilty about keeping your job. Just because you aren’t the one who is ill, doesn’t mean you are not just as important and working means you keep your self identity and are not drowning all day in a caring role. However if it’s getting harder maybe we can help you to find ways in which hubby is looked after and occupied during the day.
if you are just looking for some friendly communication try ‘role call’ and the other more social areas of the site.
Please keep posting and get to know everyone.

Thanks Elaine,
I have been feeling pretty isolated lately as I don’t like to talk to my friends about the ins and outs of how difficult everything is. I tend to keep conversations light and positive. But, progressive MS is a nasty disease, it takes away all of life’s pleasures one by one (not the ‘good day’, ‘bad day’ experience of 80% of sufferers). And it leaves the rest of the family looking on in sadness. We are managing OK, we have lots of support and professionals involved, but ultimately it is a downhill slide… So I thought I’d try the forum just for a bit of company really, thanks for pointing me in a useful direction.

Hello and welcome,enjoy stay here

At some point , CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare will be on the menu :


Support services … fully engaged ?


MS Society … on their radar ?

MS Society UK | Information, research and support | MS Society

Comes with an online community :

Online community | MS Society

Hello and welcome,enjoy stay here

It’s really important to keep your job, so many former carers end up with financial problems in later life, after their caree has passed away, especially now the pension age is being pushed up and up. I suspect that it really helps doing the difficult stuff at home if you have some form of “escape”.