Parkinson's Disease


I received a call today from a consultant psychiatrist who came to see my husband in his care home. The consultant asked me a few questions about when I first noticed certain symptoms such as a shuffling walk and stiffness in my husband’s expression, then he told me that, although he could not give a formal diagnosis, he suspects my husband may have Parkinson’s Disease.

The reason why he wanted a little history from me was because one of the anti-psychotic medications that my husband takes may produce Parkinson-like symptoms. However, it seems like the symptoms were occurring prior to my husband’s admission to hospital and prescription for that medication.

The consultant is going to write to my husband’s GP to request the withdrawal of the medication to see if this helps.

Could anyone tell me how Parkinson’s Disease is diagnosed, for example are there specific tests that can be done?

@Janet_1601 I hope those links help. I think your consultant may see some symptoms or tremors commonly associated with Parkisons BUT it’s good he’s checking the medication
Michael J Fox has it and involuntary movement, tremors can be frustrating

I hope those help.

Hi @Janet_1601 - @Victoria_1806 beat me to it! I just want to add that there are other conditions with similar symptoms to Parkinson’s - and all of them are difficult to diagnose as there’s no specific test. I think it’s worth investigating further by looking at all of the changes in your husband since the TIA, including his behaviours around accusing the landlord of trying to lock him out, any memory issues, loss of skills, any other changes. The more detailed the picture, the easier it will be for the doctors to determine what’s the most likely issue.

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Hello Victoria and Charles,

Thank you for these replies, they are really helpful. Yes, the consultant did say that if the medication that may be causing or accentuating the symptoms is stopped, some of the more strange ideas and delusions may return. It is all puzzling to me.

I suppose the only thing I can do, is to make sure my husband knows he is loved and supported.

Thanks again