Is this how dementia works?

Hi all, I hope everyone’s keeping well during these difficult times.

I’m staying with my mum as I have replaced the care companys position for the duration of lockdown, and while that is going well I’m concerned at what seems to be a very rapid acceleration of dementia in my her.

She has had Parkinson’s for 8 years and up until last December her mental state was very good, having always been so, apart from normal forgetfulness as to be expected at that age. She changed care companys almost overnight in December and it was around this point her mental state appeared to decline very fast. She kept thinking she was on duty or had to be on duty or that we were in another house in another part of town, and basically got mxied up about the reality of things. In the last few weeks particular it seems to have got even worse, and more specifically the last two nights forgetting who I am. Except her behaviour and relationship with me hasn’t changed, she’s happy around me but last night it became clear she thinks I’m her cousin or someone else and not her son.

So she’s happy a lot of the time and her personality hasn’t changed really, but her perception of reality has significantly.

The doctor was here yesterday as there was a possibility of a urine infection and he did a blood test, which he said came back good, although vitamin deficiency was there. Still waiting for the urine test, although doctor said she probably is on the mental decline that’s associated with Parkinson’s.

I know most people on here are not doctors, but I was just curious about people’s experience with this. The decline seems very rapid and the fact she is happy most of the time is not what I would have expected with dementia, or the fact that her soul still seems to know me but her mind doesn’t?

If anyone has anything to share it would be much appreciated:)

If a urine test comes back clear, then the most likely alternative to what you describe is dementia, but a urine infection can cause a rapid swing in promoting the sort of behaviour you describe.

Google Parkinson’s dementia.

You might consider posting on the Parkinson’s UK forum at:

I agree that urinary tract infections can cause serious mental health issues