Parents living in Squalor and filth

I recently visited my parents and since my last visit their health and ability to take care of themselves has significantly declined. The both have a variety of health issues and struggle to stay on top of the normal level of hygiene and cleanliness you need to survive. The house is basically at a level I would consider squalor or filth and they need help to get on top of it, in order to sell the house which will enable them to move into a smaller property, which would be easier to maintain. They have been sorting out their belongings, but after 75 years, there’s a lot to go through. I fear they will die before they get done. They are worried that a cleaning company would take advantage of them and even steel.
Can you advise on if there is any council or government support, I could get for them.

I live far away and can only visit rarely as I also have a large family and job to maintain and my sister who lives close to them is now dying of cancer, so can no longer help them.

Yes, there is a Public Health duty under serious circumstances, but it might be ruthless!

How old are your parents? I suspect they are of the generation determined to say “I can manage” when clearly they cannot.

Do they have any health issues other than old age?
I would contact their GP practice, explain the situation and ask for someone to visit on the pretext of something like "we haven’t seen you for a while and like to keep an eye on “our most senior patients”.

Alternatively, you could contact Social Services, but they might be reluctant to do this without your parents permission, unless you use the term “extremely vulnerable” as they have a duty to protect the most vulnerable.

Sorry to read of your sisters cancer diagnosis.

As suggested I would be inclined to call their G.P. a G.P. can raise a safe guarding issue/s to the LA. Then your parents could not accuse you of interfering. Unfortunaly, this situation is not rare or uncommon. Just so you know most LA’s web site have a safe guarding on line form. As most only now do emergency’s and help people willing to help themselves. There isn’t time for them to persuade individuals. Which I know is sad but resources are short in every area. I’ll got this similar situation with older relatives and they have categorically stated no family interference. So the family made the G.P. aware and I know a visit was carry out. Hence the G.P. will inform social services but these relatives are already registered with social services. Which can makes things a little easier.

There is a fine line between wishes wants needs and safe guarding.