Pads and district nurses

District nurse has swapped us from a flat pad to a wrap around pad. Mum is bedbound and using these involves extra rolling which makes her very distressed also two out of the three times we used them they leaked and I had to change the sheet. District nurse insists there can’t possibly be a problem and won’t listen. Says Carers can’t possibly get it wrong, then relents and says it’s MY JOB to reach Carers to do it right!
Also came to do a blood test requested in August, without a needle, and made a crack about did I need help with the housework which she apparently didn’t think was offensive
Aren’t they supposed to be making things easier or have I misunderstood.?

Yes, but supposed and actually can vary a lot!!

I would have have said “yes please” and passed her the hoover. :smiley:

On a more serious note , if the carers need training with the pads, ask their office to send a superviser out to help them until they know how to do things.

Bluntly, they are not there for you but for your mother. They, however, may believe YOU are there to receive their orders! You shouldn’t be training the carers, nor should the district nurses expect you to perform any nursing tasks. In my experience, some district nurses are bossy and inappropriately demanding! If you aren’t thick-skinned it can be very upsetting.

I like Henrietta’s idea of thrusting the vacuum cleaner into the nurses hands! See how they like it!