OT Homecare Direct Experience


Recently, had an assessment with an OT for temporary assistance for my mother thought I would like to share the experience what was asked what I found difficult hope it helps a carer or cared for out.

Cognitive problems, memory issues tests done, health conditions, medications they take and WHEN, aids, how many steps to property? how many stairs, social life, hobbies and interests, asked about power of attorney, use blister packs rather than packets of medicines easier to manage, house owned/rented, who lives at home, any falls and when doctors result? type of heating, hearing issues, require full or parital assistance, shopping and cooking, cleaning, current benefits,

They wanted to do a physical standing up and walking about examination same as PIP we refused. They also want to visually inspect the wet room.

It was okay lasted 25-30 mins it was not in depth as PIP was and said before her speaking to her manager that she will send someone out on Friday? (how can she say that when its not been all approved by management?)

She also refeered me to social work department for a budget to purchase carer services pernanently.

Thanks. We had a OT assessment yesterday and some of the questions were confusing.

The temporary cordia service was not for us as most of the tasks that users require is household tasks which is chargeable a £18 per hour! So, they have refered us for a personal budget on a waiting list since last November!

You really have to be prepared with dates and results of tests and you need to write everything down issues you have because you won’t remember simple things like height, weight last time you fell and where etc best to keep a diary Mon-Sun.