Obtaining care home notes

My husband died in a care home during the first lockdown. His death was not covid related but due to the lockdown I only had minimal visits with him right at the very end of his life. This continues to be a real problem for me as I feel I cannot process his death. I do not feel I have the full story about what happened during all those weeks of lockdown when I could not visit. I am not blaming the home for any lack of care. I just don’t understand how he went from being his usual self, when I left him in the middle of March, to the poor man I saw twelve weeks later when I was finally allowed to see him at the window.

Twice I have asked the home for his notes, including requests in writing as well as speaking to them on the phone. Basically I am being ignored. I know it’s difficult in care homes right now and I feel bad about making an issue of this. I don’t think I will ever have so-called ‘closure’ because the circumstances of his death were so difficult for the whole family. I just don’t know what to do for the best. Thank you for any thoughts or further suggestions.

Go to the Information Commissioner’s website and read up about “Subject Access Requests”.
If the home are ignoring you after written requests, the IC can intervene.
Do you have Legal Expenses Insurance on any of your insurance policies?
When my husband died, and I needed answers, this insurance paid for £10,000 worth of solicitors fees for a full investigation.
Until my husband died, I always thought the word “closure” was an American bit of jargon.
Now I understand exactly why you need “closure”.
Once you know what happened, you can accept what happened, or take action.
It’s being in limbo that is worst.