Nursing Home Fees - Split between Nursing & Room Rental?

Is this a normal procedure for a Nursing home to keep the two separate?

Just to explain, Mums been paying around £110 per day for her Nursing home (she is entirely self-funding), which living in the Midlands, I was content was around average.

Today I’ve been informed I’m going to receive a backdated invoice for thousands of pounds for the rental of Mum’s room (around £150 additional per week. They say the reason they didn’t charge for this in the first place is because they expected the room element to be CHC funded but the claim was rejected.

My understanding is that you’re either fully, partially of non-funded regardless of whether its nursing fees or for the room, I don’t understand why the home thought Mum would be funded for her room but not nursing?

I’m at my wits end with the way this home are running the financial side of things and just want to make sure they’re not pulling a fast one. To tell me out the blue I’m receiving a bill for thousands for room rental as Mum has only been paying for her nursing seems so strange to me???

Let them send you the bill first and then send a copy to CQC!
Stephen, we’ve already given you lots of advice about this situation, but only YOU can act on that advice. We are just fellow carers.
Alternatively, find a solicitor dealing with Community Care issues and let them deal with it for you.

Stephen, this is INCREDIBLY dodgy - it stinks to high heaven. Of course there is only ONE fee unless the CHC is paid DIRECTLY to the home…it is NOTHIGN to do with the payer.

As BB urges, wait for them to send a PRINTED invoice, then send it to the CQC etc…DO NOT PAY IT.

Please place this all with a solicitor.

Better still, just get your mum OUT of this wretched place - it STINKS the way it’s run. OF COURSE IT IS A TRY ON!!!

Where is the PRINTED CONTRACT that should have been signed in respect of your mum? There MUST be one -

Finally, DO NOT PAY. Let them sue your mum if that is what they actually will do…

We can’t sort this for you unless you take these steps. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED.

They are only trying to frighten you to screw more money out of your mum - it’s disgraceful. Possibly illegal.

NO possibly, definitely.
I have over 40 years intermittent experience of nursing homes etc. and I have NEVER heard of such an idea! The owner is clearly a bully, as you coughed up for the first demand, he’s coming back for more.

Unless it’s changed recently, CQC require all homes to offer a “prospectus” of some description, explaining what is included in the price, and what are extras. Also detailing how and when they want to be paid. Mum’s home was monthly in advance by direct debit only, for example. No problem getting a refund for the unused period after she passed away.

CAB 28 page guide … in .pdf format :


Hidden charges in care homes.

Exploring consumer protections within the care home market.

In relation to this thread , consider it ESSENTIAL reading !!!

I was actually told that I’d have to sign a contract by the receptionist, which thanks to great advice from you guys I replied shouldn’t Mum be signing it. The receptionist was obviously a little annoyed and replied, only if she can.

I am getting there guys with hardening myself, but as my own Sister doesn’t believe me about the owner and his bullying who else will.?


Maybe your sister should look at the forum and read what we are saying.
Did you bring the contract home with you? Do you even have legal authority to sign on mum’s behalf, i.e. Power of Attorney?
Has mum had a financial assessment from SSD and a Continuing Healthcare Assessment?

CHC and related ?

Main thread :

Stephen, well done! it’s hard to stand up to folk who ‘seem’ to know what ‘has’ to be done, etc. A good tactic is to nod and say ‘I’ll consult my legal adviser’ etc etc…just ‘prevaricate’ and do not do anything ‘immediately’.

Have you got a copy of the contract? If they didn’t give you a copy, then go back and ask for one to ‘read through’, and for heaven’s sake make sure your mum hasn’t signed it already (they may have gone straight to her to get her to sign)…

Even if she has, I believe there ‘should’ be an automatic cooling off period where she could ‘change her mind’??? others here may know…

Are you looking around for other nursing/care homes? This one really seems dreadful in the way it’s being run. How ‘full’ is it do you think? If it’s not full, it’s a clear sign folk are voting with their feet.

Do you se other visitors at all? You cold ask them in the carpark who happenes with their fees and how they pay…

You don’t have to be ‘hostile’ to the dreaful manager, just ‘vague’ or ‘apologietic but’…etc etc. That way you can avoid face to face confrontation. bullies often can’t cope when someone ‘appears’ to be ‘complaisant’ with what they want them to do…but doesn’t actually do it!