Now 8.8 MILLION Of Us : The Bean Counters Have Finally Finished Their Nationwide Door To Door Head Count


" Oi ! What about us here on the Isle of Man ? Your 8.8 million is a little short ? "

" Isle of Wight … has it sunk with the loss of all residents ? "

" I demand a recount ! I was on me 2 hour respite care break , once every 3 months , when the bean counter called ! "

" I care for three , he only out me down for one ! "

" One bean counter was asked : Are you here for my carers assessment , I’ve been waiting for 13 years ? "

" Another : Hang about son , for 10 minutes ? Need someone to look after me caree so I can have a quick one at the local. "

" One who drew Jarrow : Now in A&E after walking a 100 miles or so in three days … walking season up there. "

" Do I get an extra couple of food bank vouchers if I say YES , I am a carer ? "

" Cornwall carers demand a Brexit from England ! Scilly Island carers await the outcome. "

" Scottish carers in uproar ! Demand to known why the colour pink was chosen by those Sassenachs in London ! Only the Gay
Gordons are smiling. "

" Welsh carers are little undecided ? To continue to grow leeks … or … tulips … in line with their new national colour ? "

" Northern Irish carers are perplexed ? Who voted for aqua blue ? "

" Both Tory and Labour carers were also unhappy … supporting organisations sitting on the fence by chosing claret ? "

" Millwall supporting carers are on the ramage after the colour claret was chosen ! Meanwhile , West Sham supporting
carers are celebrating. "

" CUK face a difficult day in Birmingham shortly. City fans will be demanding answers. Why favour the Villa ( Claret ) ? "


New estimates, revealed in research released for Carers Week, suggest there could be far more people caring unpaid than previously thought. There are a potential 8.8 million adult carers in the UK, up from 6.3 million estimated in the 2011 census – a huge increase of a third.

So , what precisely does that tell our supporting organisations ?

Why the HUGE increase … despite all our very own Lord Kitch has to say to all newbies BEFORE steping over that threshold …
and , for some , coming out again in a box ?

Tack on to that , why are more carers giving up work to care than trying to juggle the same ?
( The Government must be rubbing their hands with glee … we SAVE them more when caring than we PAY them when
working … we don’t pay Income Tax on that ration of £ 123 per week … although we still pay Council Tax !!! )

WE know only too well … time for the pair of them to come to the same conclusion ?

And , no … phoning a friend is not allowed.

( 8.8 million … for every carer , there is a caree … make than a minimum of 17.6 MILLION … 1 in 4 of the total population
… bets on 2 in 7 ( 20 MILLION ) by … end of 2022 ? … and £ 150 BILLION saved ??? ).

That is not surprising. As the population gets older and older the carers will rise and rise.
All that misery just to get old. It’s getting ridiculous.

Trouble is , the " Old " need carers … family / kinship variety … and when caring , the carers tend to age faster.

When that caring role ceases , some of those carers will need caring themselves.

A vicious circle … ever increasing numbers … with no solution … fast forward to 2100 and … no thanks , I don’t want to envisage it.

( 1960s … first real questions were asked … what to do with an ageing population. Almost 60 years on , same question , no answer ! )

There is another danger … revised figure upwards … what figure was used in the preliminary calculations for that forthcoming
Green Paper ?

If there are now more us … saving the taxpayers even more … temptation to reduce the estimate costs to the taxpayers by
using the ( Now ) increasing contribution made by us ???

We are not like stones … we continue to give blood even after we have run out of it !

Hello,I am not surprised to hear this.Its sad that not enough is being done to support carers.Its not easy at all.regards Amanda h

Any good news come out of Carers Week?

Yep … it was only for seven days.

Playing the averages , over 2,000 of our fellow carers visited their local food bank during that week … and every week that has
passed … and yet to come … this year.

As for them , the only words even acknowledging their plight … in Carers Week … can be found in only one place …this forum !!!

Not a good week either for the kinship carers amongst our ranks :


Hello, thank you for your query. We do see that kinship carers are providing a vital role to families across the UK. However, I’m afraid kinship care is outside of our client group (ie: carers looking after those because of illness, disability and older age), though of course you can be a kinship carer for a child with a disability. We can see that Citizens Advice have some comprehensive information that might be of use and you can read more about the potential support available to kinship carers in Scotland here: > … ip-care-s/

( I created and continue to maintain a useful thread for the kinship carers who visit the forum. Best estimates … 500 - 600,000 informal kinship carers out there … a sizeable percentage will be siblings caring for fellow siblings … grandparents also constitute a large percentage. )

Former carers ? Once those doors close after your release from caring , so does any help from either supporting organisation …
your on your own … no friendly parole officer awaits you … just us on this forum !

Which section of carers is next for the Spanish archer ?

Yes, Parole Officer! That’s why I’m still posting here!

Makes two of us !

I was pressganged … now back in , no logical way out … if I continue to aid fellow shipmates … now all sailing on the social
care version of the SS Titanic … and those icebergs queueing up … just to get a piece of the ship.

I am pleased to report that last time I went down my road, the Isle of Wight was still in position, safe and well!

When I was a little girl we lived in Highcliffe, near the Castle.
On rough nights, when I went to the toilet (on the sea side of the house) I could hear the waves crashing onto the beach.
On foggy nights, I would lie in bed listening to Moaning Minnie, as the foghorn at the Needles was always referred to at home.
If you know where to look, you can actually see the Island from near Shaftesbury, early in the morning the sun reflects on the white Needles.

Well , that’s a relief.

Almost sunk in August , 1970 but just about stayed afloat.

( Even the seagulls were mesmerized by Jimi’s playing. )

8.8 million of us … we should all meet on the IoW and literally sink together ?

Perhaps we should all prepare for Number 10,000,000 by … February 2021 … to open the betting ?