New Carers UK research for Carers Week

Dear Carers UK members

On this first day of Carers Week 2019 Carers UK has released new research which shows that the UK’s unpaid carers are seven time lonelier than the general public. The research also finds that there are a potential 8.8 million adult carers in the UK, a large increase from the 6.3 million estimated in the 2011 census. We hope you will find the research of interest.

Whether you are out and about at Carers Week events, or busy with your caring role, we wish you a good week.

Carers Week is currently getting more coverage on Twitter that the Conservative Party leadership candidates! If you use Twitter, we’d really appreciate it if you could help spread the word using #CarersWeek and @CarersWeek.



Thanks Michael.

That will come as no surprise to the 7.8 million family / kinship carers out there. Perhaps putting a few more £’s into
their pockets / purses could change that for a few … after juggling with the Unholy Trinity … eat / heat / roof ?

( Yes … I know it’s not aimed at us ! )

A " Stat of the day " planned for the week ?

( Plenty to chose from … £ 140 BILLION * 3.8 MILLION ( Below the poverty line ) * 1 in 12 ( Claiming CA ) * 1p over £ 123 ,
a minute over 21 Hours ( And kiss goodbye to CA ) … and that infamous 100,000+ … just a few to mirror image the " Number
crunching " section in THE EYE … eye catching / mind boggling ? )

Plenty of headline ones to chose from … as if anyone outside CarerLand is really that bothered … until the door to OUR
world opens … for them ???

( " What’s all the fuss about ? They chose to care , why should I be interested ? Don’t expect me to pay for them ,
it’s their choice … not mine ! "

A Daily Chuckle … aka Mail … reader and …probably … a sizeable chunk of the UK population ? )

Of the government hadn’t closed as many places for people to go we might not be as lonely…

Whispers of a joint venture between AGE UK and Trussells in some areas.

Replacing at least the space , if not the facilities , cut / closed through lack of monies.

( Allied to " Loneliness " … respite for the carer through their caree … I lost that when my local centre closed ! )

A new style community hub fit for this Sad New World … at street level.

On a few manors , more visit the local foodbank than ANY other " Shop / facility " … on others , now second only to
the gp surgeries / hospitals / post offices … fact !

Carers are lonely because they are stuck inside. They either need paid respite for themselves or for their caree, regularly and frequently. Simples.

Hi My name is Vanessa. My husband and daughter are both in receipt of PIP. Two years ago it became impossible for me to work any longer. It would be a great help if I could claim Carers’ Allowance for both of them, but I can’t. Comments/views are very welcome.

Hi Vanessa.

An extract from our Lord Kitch :


Why not be really patriotic and care for 2 or 3 ?

Sorry we cannot afford to provide any extra rations.

If more than one of you is needed to care for a caree , sorry , only one Carers Allowance ration allowed.

The record for one carer so far is 6 carees … all under one roof / same family … as reported on the SCOPE online community forum.

Lord Kitch ?

All our injustices under one thread … the present day equivalent of THE CARERS LETTER … in 2009.

I care for my husband who receives pip, I also care for my sister who is recovering from having a brain tumour removed AND help my (same) sister care for her husband who has severe Parkinson’s and a cancer diagnosis! I feel I’m drowning yet still can only receive one payment of carers allowance…there are many carers who spend their every waking moment (and on call during sleep) who officially are only entitled to the amount of £264 per month. It’s a disgrace!

Suggestion for Carer’s week: in order to qualify as a ‘carer’ you need to pamper yourself with your favourite hot drink out of delightful porcelain with an attractive design. Simply pay £25 and send a recent of a photograph (preferably in your best plastic pinny) and receive your very own CARER = MUG.

Only one small problem ?

HALF the carer army cannot afford what goes into the mug !!!

( The poor man’s single malt … drop of vinegar into water … and a VERY VIVID imagination ??? )

Occasionly , that placebo does work … so I’m told !

Thanks for your post Vanessa. As our helpline adviser Suzette is answering your questions on all aspects of carers’ benefits, finances and community care on the forum this week , I will send your post to her. You will then be able to see Suzette’s response in the following thread in the next couple of days.


Ha, yes Chris, how’s the Gulag?
Malt vinegar? That’s the only kind of malt in my cupboard.

I should have emphasised the PERSONALISED aspect of carer mug promotion.

Gulag ?

Quiet … lockdown a few days ago … WWII tank went awol up the road in Donnington … just a precaution in case
our long overdue rescue party were finally on their way.

Carers week ?

As reported elsewhere … business as usual at our local food bank … no sign of any suits or academics prowling around.

Usually spot 'em a mile off … just look for their security guards … and listen for the cacaphony of sound fron an old fashioned tin panning to alert the natives.

I need to dig very deep to come up with anything worth reporting on activities that MEAN something … perhaps a short
video of Mo and other carers morris dancing in the shires to break the monotony ?

The price for the publishing rights to the first carer being arrested for dressing up as a guide dog and being thrown off
a bus for refusing to pay his fare is increasing fast !


Why should carers who reach state pension lose the carers allowance. The caring duties don’t just stop.

I added this to …

This website is for you to give your thoughts and ideas on making a better UK welfare benefits system!

If you only add the above injustice to this online survey. Please add it’s important!!