No response from social services

That is truly shocking. You should be able to keep your job, not acceptable at all to contemplate losing it.

I would also suggest writing to both your MP and whichever local councillor has responsibility for Adult social care at your Dad’s council. They really should be made aware of this situation. You should be able to find contact details for both if you google them.

Good luck. It is all so stressful, isn’t it?

""If you can afford it, I would contact a solicitor (first half hour free) and ask if they could write a letter to Social Services, reminding them of their legal responsibility and your willingness to sue if your father ends up in hospital as a result of their negligence. It may cost you but may well also get the ball rolling. “”


Councils DO have money - they just won’t spend it! They can find it when they HAVE to, and now they DO have to.

OR, they will ‘prefer’ your dad to be in hospital and then, hey presto, his care is coming off the NHS budget, not theirs.

DO NOT give up your job or do ANYTHING to sort this YOURSELF. It’s the state’s responsibility - not yours.