No Cold weather payments?

It has been freezing cold for weeks, minus 6 last night, minus 3 tonight, very cold icy winds in the daytime, it has snowed 4 times, 3 times i have had to dig my car out.

I am sure disabled/elderly have had to put their heating on a lot more.

But No Cold weather payment?

Its just ridiculous.

It has to be 0°C (or lower) for seven consecutive days to trigger a Cold weather payment, and you need to be in receipt of other specific benefits.

I don’t think we’ve had 0°C for seven consecutive days down here, elsewhere might have, you can check by postcode.

Thank you Ajay
I’ve just checked my area. I am not entitled, but my friend is, who has no means of checking. I can tell her she is entitled to 1 payment. Can’t tell her when. By the end of February at a guess.