NHS : " Oh Dear , Broken Your Arm ? Sorry , You're Too Old For Us To Fix It ! "

**Hospital tells 83-year-old pensioner who broke arm in two places she is too OLD for treatment forcing apology from health chiefs

_Susan Halbert, 83, was turned away from Glasgow’s New Victoria Hospital.

She was taken there by paramedics after she fell at her home and broke her arm.

Doctors told her they would not see her because she was over 65-years-old.

The pensioner was then taken to A&E, given a splint and then sent home._** >

Hospital tells 83-year-old pensioner she is too OLD for treatment | Daily Mail Online


Mrs Halbert, who is still wearing a brace on her arm, said: ‘I’ve never experienced anything like it. The paramedics were lovely. They came straight away and couldn’t be more helpful. Unfortunately that didn’t continue.

‘They took me to the Victoria and we went inside, only for the receptionist to explain that I couldn’t be seen because I was over the age of 65.

‘Rather than be able to go and help other people, the paramedics instead had to take me to the Queen Elizabeth, which was so busy I had to wait four hours to be triaged and another two hours to be treated.’

Mrs Halbert, added: ‘The paramedics were as stunned as I was. They even told me they had never heard of someone being too old for treatment before.

The boss of that hospital should be given the sack. No ifs and no buts.

Certainly save the NHS a hundred thousand grand or so … for a while ?

There again , there will still be that gold plated pension along the way ?

Streuth, I’m 67, does that mean I’m not worth treating either???

You , me and dear young Albert … north of 200 between us … 'Fraid so … until it comes to caring ?

For caring , make that north of 300 for the three of us ?

Don’t worry, I’m 86. “Age before beauty.” :slight_smile:

Unbelievable! Guess i have four years left! I won’t be going up there. If mum had been mobile enough, she would have got a hysterectomy at 95. She wasn’t and they didn’t operate.

I wonder who trained the woman who turned the poor 83 year-old away? You stand no chance, Albert!!:grinning:

Ex DWP , perhaps … the NHS are so short of staff they’ll take virtually anyone these days ?