NHS Dental treatment

Can anybody on here advise please?

If you are fortunate enough to have an NHS dentist and you are on certain benefits you are exempt from paying. If your dentist goes private (as hundreds are now) and you cannot find another NHS dentist then you have to pay the full amount even though you are exempt. Complete madness!
Considering a private examination and one extraction now costs approx £300 what are people on benefits supposed to do?

I have asked my MP and he doesn’t know the answer but says he will look into it. I asked the receptionist at the dentists and she says “find another NHS dentist” but in our county there is not a single one taking on new patients and my MP confirmed this himself.

Hi Penny

There are hardly any dentists anywhere taking on NHS patients. The best suggestion I can make is to contact your local Integrated Care Board - these are the replacements for the Clinical Commissioning Groups - who are responsible for planning and purchasing NHS services. It’s up to them to sort it out, but this is what we can expect for all NHS services unless something changes drastically.

Heya. Unfortunately you don’t have many options. Your best bet is to remain patient and keep on searching.

But where do they think people are going to find the money?

I think they think people can afford.

My NHS Dentist went private many years ago. I didn’t want to lose her as she runs an outstanding dental practice, so I went private too.

I pay into a plan called Denplan and currently it costs me approximately £30 per month. I know that this is not affordable for many people but it is a priority for me as I have many dental problems. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and don’t spend much on clothes or other none-essential stuff.

It covers me for 3 check-ups per year and nearly all treatment is included. If I need a crown fitting then I have to pay half towards it. X-rays, fillings, extractions and emergency treatment are all included. If I have a problem I can get an appointment within a couple of days.

I’m also in Denplan. I have had nightmare teeth problems. So good to know that whatever happens, I’m covered.

I have been with the same NHS dentist for years and have managed to retain my place. I was suppose to have a check up on Monday but I was ask/called could I give it to another person. Who has to have an emergency extraction. I have been rebooked again in a couple of weeks. I would like to think if I was in this situation someone would do this for me.

My husband has always gone private as he likes a particular dentist. He had a lot of work done at first but has only needed regular check ups for quite some years. To be honest my husbands charges are not that much different from my NHS prices. So I guess it all depends. I agree maybe a dental plan is an option if you can get a dentist to take you on. It might be an interesting conversation to ask the question and see what response you get.

Due to the pandemic It’s the same with hair dressers. I have only just return to my original hairdresser. She was able to stay in business many were not able. I cut my husband’s hair through the pandemic and he has never returned to a salon.

I guess it’s a different mind set now we have to get are heads around. Not everything is the same and some things will not go back to how they are.


Yay!! We have finally found an NHS dentist. So pleased!!

Brilliant news. What a relief.


Great news!