Hi my name is Charlotte, I’m 36 and I’m new here. I’ve been a carer for 11 years caring for my Wife who suffers with debilitating anxiety and depression and also medical problems from complications from a hysterectomy. Also in that time I have cared for my Father-In-Law who has Vascular Dementia. I have cared for my Auntie who had Cervical Cancer who passed away in January 2017 and my Mum who had Pancreatic Cancer who passed away in December 2018. I have never been on a forum for Carers. I have just kind of carried on. I look forward to reading everyone’s posts.

Welcome Charlotte

Good to see you here!

I am sure given all your experiences you have a lot to offer other carers.

Please share as this continues to informed the many carers who use this forum. Seeking like us all help and resources.

Carers are the best people to understand. What it feels like to be a carer for another human being. And are good listeners and try to be non-judgemental.

Welcome Charlotte
What an extensive caring history! We look forward to hearing of your experiences.

What brings you to a forum now? Do you have a particular concern or need? Most of us first arrive here at a time of crisis, exhaustion or anger… or sometimes all three!