Hi all newbie here , dont know where to start or say so hoping il get some guidance .ty :smiley:

Hi Elizabeth … welcome to the canteen.

Today’s menu … quite varied … we tend to cater for all tastes.

A sampler ?

BENEFITS … UC very popular but extremely difficult to swallow … tends to stick in the throat.

BENEFITS / FINANCES … a calculator to see if out there are currently being claimed and how to try to squeeze more blood out of a stone .)

HOUSING … social / btl tenant with problems ? Well … who hasn’t ? We’re pretty good with those.

NEWS … feeling depressed ? Wait to you sample the news section … should have a Government health warning on top ?

HEALTH … issues that only fellow carers can appreciate … hardly anything out there has not affected a least one carer.
( Main ailment being Ausrterity ! )

CAREE RELATED PROBLEMS … hospital discharges / care homes / specific conditions.

SUPPORT … What support ? Always good for starters ? Assessments / individual isolation / outside care.

FUN / GAMES ( Apart from the daily 10 balls in the air juggling trick ? ) … everything … from what you call your moggie ( And why ? ) to do you prefer to see your local mp fried , baked or poached ?

Plenty more inside those general categories listed above.

Perhaps something not on that menu ?

Some true lifers amongst our ranks … others category b … 1 to 50 years … all with problems … who hasn’t in CarerLand ? … BUT
no place on the Internet BETTER for advice / guidance / help / support … even " Cyber friendship " ( Must look that one up
one day ? ).

Help yourself !

3 courses or … just the chef’s special ?

Hi Elizabeth,

Welcome to the forum. Maybe start by telling us who you care for, and how old they are. Also how old you are, and what you struggle with most?

Hi all im new to all this so hope im in the right place , caring for my mum she had cancer back in may last year which she had surgery for she never once spoke of the cancer or cried then in august last year everything went haywire she spent 5weeks in hospital and we where told she had delerium she has not fully recovered her memory is still not the way it was, mum was 80 in september at times its like having 2mums .

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the forum.

I have merged your other post with this one so that all the information you have provided is in one place :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about mum. With the elderly it seems some don’t take well to having anaesthetic, and don’t ever recover properly, which is incredibly sad.
What help did the hospital arrange for mum before she came home?
Do you live with her?
Who owns the house where she lives?
Is she now receiving Attendance Allowance?

On alert … hospital discharges and CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare … now primed and ready.

Online benefits calculator in pocket.