Newbie with overwhelm

Hi I’m new here, joined after finding out about it on internet . I am really struggling at the moment, already had generalised anxiety disorder before moving in with my mum. She is 89, I am her carer, plus we have financial difficulties and I’m trying to run my business which is a small shop, where I make the stock for sale. The house is big and I have to do everything, not enough hours in the day. High anxiety, Had a funny turn yesterday diizzy and faint, headaches, Stiff painful neck, shaking. No drive any more, just want to go to bed and hide. What’s the point. No family help, only child no other relatives to help. Don’t know what to do. Can anyone advise where I can go for advice and help please. Thank you.

What is mum’s financial situation?
Is she claiming Attendance Allowance?
Have over 23,000 in savings?
How much care does she need?
Something MUST change, you can’t go on like this!

Hi Susie & welcome

mums needs…

you need…

Tomorrow make contact with the adult team at social services local authorities. These assessments can be done together or individually.

You need to make appointment /video call etc to your G.P. Do this tomorrow and don’t put it off!!

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is help you just need to be pointed in the right directions.

plus we have financial difficulties

You can PM members if you prefer to not discuss your finances here or…

The above link is a charity this will be confidential.

Please try and go to sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow. Will be a much better day

as you are going to make contact with organisations that are going to help you. If you find the conversations difficult or are not listen too. Pleases let us know as we can also help here.