Newbie and unsure how to use this forum

I am new so not sure what to do on this forum

Hi Kas, welcome to the forum.
Most people find us when they are having a few issues they’d like help or advice about, or they are feeling that no one else understands what it is like to be a long term carer.
In total, I’ve had TEN family members who needed support in the last 40+ years, from new born to 87 years old. In amongst all this caring, not being able to work, I’ve done rather a lot of unusual things I never planned to do. I studied for a degree in Business Studies when my sons (one brain damaged) were young, and somehow or other I became the nation’s expert on one type of lorry, although I had a Sierra and never worked out how to lift the bonnet!!!
Sadly, I’m now widowed and disabled, and I’ve had some pretty serious surgery too.
I now say I’m a bit like the song "Six wheels on my wagon…"only at times the last wheel felt like it was going to fall off!
Feel free to share whatever you want, you are among friends who understand here.

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Hello Kas and Welcome.

you can use the forum in almost any way you want or need. Ask questions, offer opinions, chip in with experience and advice or simply have a chat / gossip / MOAN. Roll Call thread can be a great place to vent and share views. No one judges and we often have a good laugh. I’ve found it very helpful when caring for my husband, who had a stroke 2 years ago, starts to get too much as others rally round and help me realise things perhaps aren’t as bad as I thought.

As BB has said, you can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with as it is anonymous. We’ve got a wealth of experience and knowledge between us all and it’s great to be able to share and give back as well as getting the support which is available.

Here’s looking forward to having you along for the ride.

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@bowlingbun - that’s it, you’ve done it again… I now have an ear-worm and all I can think about is “Six-wheels on my waggon and I’m still rolling along”… That will stick with me all day - grrrr! Mind you I wouldn’t like to get in the way of any of the wheels on your Waggons/Engines!!

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Hello Kas

You can just lurk for a while but post if you have a specific question or concern. Roll Call is where some of us share the daily challenges we all face. There is a lot of empathy and support and we can be a little silly at times. When you are ready, maybe tell us a little more about your caring situation? But please do not feel pressured into revealing more than you feel comfortable with.

I care for my 84 year old medically non compliant husband. I am substantially younger. I have been caring officially since Jan 2013 when he had his acute on chronic brain heamatoma but unofficially probably longer. It is very lonely and isolating. I am very lucky as last couple of years had to ‘carve’ some kind of life for myself out of the home but husband is not social and does not like it. The alternative was to sink into clinical depression.

We cannot promise miracles but we can provide a safe ear if you want and need to vent.


Hi @Kas and welcome :slight_smile:

I’m a newbie too, joined this week! I’ve been dipping my toes in the Roll Call thread and was bowled over by the warm welcomes. Reading some posts from a little further back has shown me just how supportive and helpful this online community has been. Vent, rant, ask for advice, share a giggle, it’s whatever gets you through the day.

I have been a carer for my Mum (Alzheimers) Father in Law (Vascular Dementia) and currently my Husband (Parkinsons). I’ve been trying to tot up how many years I have been caring for others (not counting our son, who only required the standard parenting model). The trouble is with dementia it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when that started. Especially with Mum as she was always forgetful and mixed up her words. A conservative estimate would be 15 years.


@Teddy123 You really are amazing with all the caring you have done for such a long time. But you are right. Roll Call is a special place and we do try to support each other. Kas please give it a go.

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New Christy Minstrels

@helena_2006 What do you mean ‘we can be silly’? How very dare you - I’ll have you know I resemble that remark !!!

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Now you’ve done it too - I will have that tune going through mah head all noight lowng… If I wake up in the mawnin and find a arrar through mah pillah I will blame y’all…


@helena_2006 You too. I’ve read some of your posts and honestly don’t know how you are still standing. Hats off to you :+1:

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