New, worn out..

Hello, I am my husband’s carer and I am very stressed looking after him, as I’m in a wheelchair myself.
We are shielded, so confined to the house and garden, which doesn’t help. I have a local carer who comes on weekday mornings, who is an absolute treasure, and stops me from going round the bend…
We moved here 3 years ago, soon after my daughter died unexpectedly - to be nearby to help with her children - then aged 17, 14, 6 & 4. The eldest moved in with us, the 2nd, went to live with his dad at the other end of the country, and the younger two are being brought up by their still-grieving dad.
My then-separated husband was diagnosed with cancer soon afterwards, so he moved in with me, mainly to be near the hospital. He has also had several mini-strokes, leaving him with pseudo-Parkinson’s and dramatic frailty. He’s now 77, and is very difficult to cope with, blowing up at me for the slightest thing. He says it may be the drugs he’s on, but he isn’t nasty to anyone else. I am at my wits end, desperately lonely, and find it so hard living like this. I was diagnosed with ptsd and severe depression last year, but haven’t found an accessible counsellor.
I could say so much more, but it’s my bedtime, and I need my rest to face tomorrow.
Thanks for reading this… :S

Your workload is impossible. What would you like to happen now? It’s easier to get help if you know what you want.