New to the forum

I’m Kohinoor. I care for my parents and a sister. All have different needs. I feel rather overwhelmed by it all. I’m not a live in carer, I only see them roughly about twice a month. But I deal with a lot of their issues e.g. medical/legal/financial. Plus other stuff. Like organising cleaners or people to collect them. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

Welcome aboard, Kohinoor_2206. Great choice of username: “Mountain of Light.”

We’re virtually all carers here, all doing very different things - but it’s all part of caring.

Welcome to the forum,
Only other carers will understand just how much the work you are doing entailed.
Most of us agree that it’s not the “hands on caring” that is the worst, but dealing with officialdom!

How old are your parents, and your sister?
Have they made any long term arrangements ready for the day they are no longer able to support her?
What does she need support with?