New to forum - question on LPA and keeping money separate

Hi, I’m Sue and I care for my husband with advanced demential
I have Lasting Power of Attorney for my husband (financial and health). On the LPA it says that I must keep my own money separate from my husband’s but because we are a couple and run a shared household with shared bills, it is difficult to know how to achieve this. We currently each have our own bank account and a joint account into which we each pay money for shared bills to be paid from.
Does anyone have any relevant experience of being LPA in similar circumstances? How do you ‘separate’ your money in those terms? We would be self-funding if he eventually needs to go into a care home so I am thinking to the future.
Are there Financial Advisers that specialise in LPA advice does anyone know?

Hello Sue, I can’t help you much but you could look at a site called Legal Beagles. There are some really helpful legal people on there.

I was LPA for my Mum and I remember we weren’t allowed to have a joint account. It sounds to me as though what you have outlined about your accounts makes sense and I can’t think there’s anything wrong with that but try the site I mentioned. Xx