Care Cap 2023

I’m a full-time carer for my wife who has Parkinson’s.

We feel we are close to the point where we will need an assessment from LA and may well soon be paying something towards personal care provided at home.

My question is about the Oct 2023 cap that is coming.

Does anyone have an information about who will be eligible for the cap? If we start the “social care journey” in next few weeks and start paying for care and having it provided will we still be eligible for the cap come October 2023? Or is it only for new claims from that date?

I have looked at various bits of government documentation on the cap and it is just not clear I think.



Hi Paul. There’s an awful lot that isn’t clear about this policy, but unfortunately it will NOT be coming in during October 2023. It’s been put back until at least April 2025, and frankly unless they actually fund it properly (which won’t happen with the current scheme), I can’t see it ever starting up properly. There’s likely to be another general election by then.


As far as I can see what has been put back (so far) is the right of self-funders who are already in residential care to get an assessment and start the clock from 2023. This has been put back to 2025.

See: DHSC delays giving all self-funders right to council care home rates - Community Care

The rest seems to be happening in 2023. But obviously that may well change.

Paul, couples can choose to be assessed individually or jointly.
So if the majority of savings are in your name, and pension in your name, it might be advantageous for you wife to be assessed individually. It is YOUR choice, not the social workers. Sometimes they “forget” to tell people!!!