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Just join though been a carer for over 10+ years previously was a registered General nurse left in 2003 after the birth of 3rd child. Discussed with how our experience has been at the beginning and feel so much could be changed for the better and carers need to be heard.
Lock down has been stressful but have to admit that being isolated not that much of a difference but truly see how things have failed carers more so than in the past .

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to the forum

Like you say, lockdown has made life much more difficult for carers, I’m sure everyone will agree with you.

You don’t say much about your caring situation but if you’re feeling isolated and would like to chat to other carers we’re running weekly online meet ups for carers to take a bit of time for themselves and talk to others in a similar situation. You can join us by signing up here:

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Hi Elizabeth, welcome to the forum.

I care for my son with severe learning difficulties, part time, but cared in various ways for all four of our parents. Sadly, I’ve also lost my husband, brother, and sister in law. It’s been very tough!

Tell us a bit more about your situation, and we might be able to suggest various things that might help.