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Hi i am new here i look after three members of my family my dad, sister and my son

Hi Alice … welcome to the canteen.

Extremely quiet on the forum as I type … so , you’re lumbered with me until others arrive
to extend their welcomes.

A carer for three ?

Not as rare as those on the outside think but … somewhat worrying for us , your fellow carers.

Perhaps you can open the batting … bully off in this case … concerns ?

No limit to the number … most of us will have at least half a dozen or more,

Benefits / allowances … lack of monies ?
Support / non support for your carees and yourself ?
Housing ?

Three to start the ball rolling.

Over to you … this thread and what follows is yours to dictate.

I hope others will be along to say " Hello " … always a little disconcerning when the forum is as quiet as it is now !

Hello Alice and welcome to the forum.
My circumstances are different to yours as my lovely husband is in a nursing home because of strokes and vascular dementia. Others will be along to support you. Maybe tell us a little about your 3 carees and yourself. The forum is a good place to vent, and is non judgemental.

Hello Alice, i am also new and trying to find out how we all cope as carers. We have my mum & mum in law living with us.
My mum is 88 and aggrophobic plus bp and arthritis. Mum in law is 87 and recovering from surgery to remove a tumour from her upper jaw. Its hard but we are just about managing…

Hi Alice and Anne,
Welcome to the forum.
That’s a lot of people to care for. I just care for S, he has autism, related learning disability and health needs. I try and juggle caring and working, with increasing difficulty. One caree is enough for me! Tell us a little more about your caring situation.


Hello Alice and welcome to the forum. Three people to care for sounds truly amazing!!! I hope you get some support from others. Do they all live with you?
I care for my mum (age 88) - she lives just up the road from me. Mum keeps me busy and fortunately is still ‘compos mentis’.