New member here

I just found this forum so I thought I’d sign up and give it a try

I’m currently caring for my elderly mum who is 78 and has a lot of different illnesses, I’ve been caring for her for quite a few years , before my mums health got worse I was looking after my dad who was fighting multiple cancers, I looked after him until he passed away in a hospice in Essex who looked after him so good, that was at the end of 2018, since then my mums health has gotten much worse with MS that’s she’s had for years , degenerative retina she’s nearly lost all her vision which is irreversible and heart and breathing problems too. I try my best to stay positive and have my sister who lives local who is great and offers me support when it all gets a bit much for me. But it’s still tough going.

I wish I knew about this site all the years ago, But it’s quite hard for me to talk about things but il try my best here, the isolation and the heartbreak of seeing your loved ones health failing is such a horrible thing, it would be good to speak to people with the same experiences who understand what it’s like.

Thanks for reading

Hi Stephan, welcome to the forum.

I’ve now lost all four parents, brother, and sister in law. So many health issues, then I became ill.
Do you have any regular time off?

Hi bowlingbun
I’m sorry for your losses, I don’t know what health problems you have , is it okay to ask? I have arthritis in my legs, fibromyalgia and also epilepsy, thankfully my epilepsy is under control quite well with the new medication I’ve been given, yes I do get some alone time when I need it as my sister just lives up my road really nearby, which I’m really thankful for ,
Thanks for the welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi & welcome Stephan

This forum has members with fountains of experience and knowledge if we don’t know something we search it out. I’m quite sure given your caring experiences you too have a lot to offer the forum. :smiley:

Stephan, I’ve had 8 operations altogether, kidney removed, two knee replacements after a car accident, and a few other things, if I was a car I’d be in the scrapyard for spare parts by now!! I am now left with my son who was brain damaged at birth, he lives 15 miles away, but I’m always doing something for him. I’m increasingly riddled with arthritis, which runs in the family.

Im really sorry to hear that :disappointed: It must be real tough as your son needs care as well , Arthritis runs in my family too.

Welcome Stephan.

Thanks Penny