Neurological brain disorders

I care for my husband who has brain damage due to a brain abscess and benign brain tumours. All this came about two years after we were married. Now 20yrs plus still caring.
This results in hours of cared for sleeping,seizures and gradual loss of mobility. :question:

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Are you getting any outside help?
My son was brain damaged when he was born, in all that time I never had as much as a week off. After caring non stop for 16 years I was so ill that he moved into boarding school. My health never fully recovered.
Now 42, he lives in his own flat with carer support.

So many people assume that a “carer” is looking after someone frail and elderly.
In my area they have Carers Meetings, but I was usually the youngest by about 30 years!

Caring for someone under pension age brings different challenges. Do you ever get a break?

No I dont have any holiday. Four years ago we did stay at the british legion hotel in Weston but this has now closed.