My Mum's Nutritionalist

My Mum was referred to the Nutrionist in February by the District Nurse, as she’s lost a lot of weight. The appointment was about a month ago. On the day they phoned literally 10 minutes before the appointment to ask if it was urgent, I said no so they cancelled the appointment. I explained that my Mum was having scans to check for Bladder Cancer and that needs to take priority. Today they phoned me asking if they could come out tomorrow; was stunned at the short notice. I explained my Mum’s still having tests. They reminded me that the referral went through in February, I reminded her she cancelled 10 minutes before the appointment, so will have to wait until I get round to contacting her. The cheek of these professionals, like they’re the only one’s concerned for my Mum - when if they were that concerned they’d have kept the appointment they cancelled. My Mum’s got a Health MOT coming up, which the GP has organized blood tests to determine what else could be going on. As my Mum refuses to get out of bed during the day, refuses to eat a lot of the time, and refuses her meds. I usually put that down to UTI when my Mum has other symptoms. But this has been getting worse since last year, where the weight loss has been happening. Also I put it down to the Dementia/Alzheimers. Got a Memory Clinic appoitment in June; I’ll check then.

Sorry you’re having trouble with the nutritionist. Mum was also referred when the district nurse who hadnt visited for a few months saw mum again and thought she’d lost weight. The nutritionist did recommend a few thing s, left us a sheet of tips and ordered some milk shake mixes for her. He wanted to know what I’d benn feeding mum and i had prepared a list in advance of his visit. Several months later, mum was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.

If you can, I d try and organise the nutritionist to visit before the medical tests and tell the office that it is now important that the nutritionist visit sooner rather than later. I do share your frustration that they put off the visit so many times.

I really do understand your frustration, but I’d never turn someone away if their visit could be fitted in and could benefit my caree in some way.

I understand how frustrating this is.

However, the nutritionalist has a duty to make reasonable adjustments for you, as carer, as well as the caree.
Find out where she comes from, who is in charge, and ask that you be allowed to make an appointment directly with this person’s manager. Whilst you understand that nutrition is really important, they need to understand that caring in any circumstances is very difficult and tiring, and you need to PREPARE for any visit.

I got PALS officer to arrange a phone conversation with their Manager. I spoke to their Manager and explained everything. She arranged someone else to come out next Tuesday.

Thats really good news!

Thanks. My Mum’s got a Health MOT the week after next. I’ll discuss everything then. Hopefully the Nutritionist they send out will be more understanding and supportive.

Fingers crossed.