My Mum's EU 'settled status' concern

My Mum emigrated to England around 1956. The more I look online about EU nationals having lived in England and needing a ‘settled status’ because of Brexit; the more panicky I’m feeling with it all such a minefield. There’s also the issue my Mum doesn’t have a valid passport anymore.

Been thinking of contacting CAB. What if they can’t advise? As I’ve tried asking them for help with CHC for my Mum.

Is it worth speaking to Social Services? Although I’d rather not, as can’t be dealing with them.

Surely there must be exceptions for those too ill to deal with this? As per usual; beaurocracy gone mad

Settled status ?

Article in The Guardian on the present uncertainty :

Rise in EU citizens not getting UK settled status causes alarm | Brexit | The Guardian

The whole issue is up in the air … as is the flavour of Brexit.

Can do no more than keep your eyes pealed on news announcements as and when they are released.

Plenty of web sites out there offering advice and services … mainly of the COMMERCIAL nature !

Contact CAB tomorrow for advice. This is one of the issues they can help with.

Both my parents contributed to the economy, so should be classed as ‘settled’ like the rest of those that emigrated here after the war.

As per usual, nothing’s thought out properly. Politicians have lost sight of what really matters all coz of their egos. There’d be a very long queue of people wanting to knock their heads together🙄

If you have read the recent press releases , comparison has been made to the Windrush scandal … fuller details under that
separate thread.

More in today’s Independent which may be of interest :

Is the EU settlement scheme really as effective as the Home Office claims? | The Independent | The Independent

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I phoned CAB about this, and they said if there was anything to deal with further down the line; it’d be only minute with my Mum having lived here such a long time her residence is well established.

That looks like good news then.