My dad just had a fall

It’s 11.00pm and my elderly dad, 84 years old, just had a fall in the kitchen, we was just about to goto bed, he turned the light off in the kitchen and i was just waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, he turned the light off and i just hear a bang in the kitchen and he was on the floor, when i ran to see what happened, he was unconscious for at least 1min on the floor, blood was back of his head when he came around and on the floor, I was going to call 111 or 999 but he just wanted to goto bed he doesn’t want me to call, i’m just not going to sleep tonight because of this i’m very upset, there is only me and him here.

I am a carer for my much older 83 year old husband and I totally get how stubborn older people can be so I totally sympathise .

However , with a head injury he really does need to be seen as it could cause a clot to build up. I would honestly try to call 111. if you do not feel able to do that , then please phone your GP Surgery for advice first thing tomorrow. Please also look out for any signs of confusion and/or headache. If this happens, then you do need to act quickly and get advice.

I really would urge you to call 111 this morning and at least get it on file as in my opinion, he should have a scan or at least speak to a professional,

It’s morning now he got up around 6am, he slept ok in the night, i kept on checking see if he was breathing through out the night, and i didn’t get much sleep with the worrying.
Anyway he still doesn’t want me to call 111, oh yes he’s stubborn.
I called my aunt later last night, his sister, i told her what happened, she phoned up this morning she said he needs to call 111, but no he’s stubborn.
He as a catheter, as a weekly flush out on a tuesday, nurse comes so i will be telling her what happened see if that changs his mind.
He seems ok this morning, but i’m not happy about it.

I wonder if you can call 111 without giving a name and just asking for advice? Say you are calling on behalf of someone else? I think given his age, you do need get advice and get a handle on what the warning signs are. I think they are confusion and things like word misplacement but really you must speak to a professional as you do sound very worried and concerned and rightly so.

Hi Royd,

I agree with Helena - I’d telephone 111. I’d tell your Dad, you are doing it for your own peace of mind as you’d never forgive yourself if something happened to him because of the fall.


Sounds scary. It might not work but try researching fall prevention classes, perhaps they can help. I had a fall last summer in the house and know how you feel as well. I fell from a table whilst eating a meal. Prayers. You are in my thoughts too.

How is your father today? If you have any doubts please call 111.

Hi Royd

The fact your father fell is a cause for concern, it could be any number of things like a very slight TIA stroke, some blackout for any kind of defect, or an infection.

Your father needs a check up to investigate the cause of the fall and if there is any medical intervention that is required for his health and fall prevention. The GP could also do a referral for occupational therapists to visit for any aids in the house for him eg a walking frame if his legs or heart/whatever is getting weaker and he needs that extra support.

You need the professionals to advise, this is not something that can be left to chance, or self diagnosis via the internet. A friends father has had a few falls and is under the GP for tests for diagnosis.

Hello Royd

Gosh your father must have given you a fright.

As per my reply above, please contact your fathers GP for tests for diagnosis of the cause of his fall.

I have been caring for my mother for 7 years since she was 84 and she always refuses help and hospital. I leave the room and dial 999 then tell her an ambulance is coming, or if she’s had a TIA, I tell her she’s had a TIA and I am phoning an ambulance .

They don’t always know or realise how unwell they are or what peril they are in.

OK let’s look at the factors that could be preventing your dad wanting help.
Doesn’t want to go to hospital.
84 years old - stiff upper lip, stoic, doesn’t want to be a nuisance - wants his bed at that time of night, body getting frail, wants home comforts.
Octogenarian - had many funerals for friends and relatives? avoiding hospital = coffin dodging?
Hospital could be seen as a one-way trip for him, leaving in a wooden box.

Blood thinners - warfarin, apixaban etc
Head scan must be done within x hours if they bang their head

Never ever risk anything at your fathers age after a fall, dial 999 to get him checked over, better to be safe than sorry they say.