My caring situation - doing it all alone

Vermin control used to be a free service from the council, now they charge, but I’d definitely talk to them, explain the situation, and ask about charges that MUM should pay, not you!

Thanks for your honest appraisal of yourself. Most people are happy to travel on their own when they are still in their teens. Most people want to live in their own place, not be tied to the restrictions of living with parents, and are looking to move out when they are in their mid-twenties.

It seems that you have not ventured much further than the tobacconist and pet shop. It is time to widen your scope. You could venture as far as your Citizens’ Advice Bureau in the next intance. Find out about clubs and societies relevant to music and other hobbies you have. This way you would get to know other people. It is good that you have distant friends like Becky and Brad, but you need some local friends as well. Also see if you can find yourself some sort of job. Even a part-time job would be a good start. How about a paper round? This would get you travelling in a small way round your locality, and give you something to build on, towards travelling greater distances.

What about Vol work? Working in a charity shop for example, would help build up your confidence? They usually offer training. Baby Steps? My local library has a session once a week, where help is given to people searching for jobs. Worth investigating what is available in your area? Agree CAB is a good place to start. You only get ONE life Lord J…

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We all have to learn new skills, just start off very gradually, at a pace you are comfortable with.
Have a look in your local paper to see what is going on in your town.
Do you know how to read a map?

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