My 4 year old, autistic and on antibiotics.. help please!

Hey everyone :relaxed:

So yesterday my little one ended up in hospital with an infection. He now has to take antibiotics orally. This however, is not going down too well at all! The fight when he sees it, the kicking, biting, the upset is just traumatic for him especially!
Any ideas on how to make this easier please?

All ideas welcome!

Thank you

I suspect you may know most of this …

Oh Stacey,

that sounds tough and stressful.

The links from Sunnydisposition look good. Especially the one about choices. The only things I can think of to add; it might be a good idea keep the bottle out of sight and after measuring it out put it onto an ordinary spoon. Bribes might work too!! Also, consider your own body language and facial expression to exude calm, relaxed confidence!!

Let us know how you get on.