Mum’s carers have left her - too short staffed

My Mums carers have left her and say they are unable to attend die to staffing. They did visit 4 times a day. We have brought her home with us. It is difficult as we have no downstairs bathroom, although we do have a downstairs loo, and all our chairs and spare beds are too low. Care home has been offered by local Social Services but my Mum would be paying herself now as her savings have crept over the threshold and she does own her own house, which is fine by us anyway.
Torn between keeping her with us or letting her go into care at this worrying time. Keep hearing the next 2 weeks will be really bad.
Any advice?

Something to bare in mind. You will not be able to regularly visit her in a care home. If anything should happen you may not get the chance to see her. You should be able to get equipment for you home. Make contact with you G.P and/or local O/T dept. Get a home assessment for equipment.

Is this going to be a short or long term situation? Would it be better for mum to be upstairs, or downstairs?

Getting the chair and bed the right height just involves getting some Elephant’s Feet! You put the chair leg inside to raise it up. Google for more info. Social Services should be able to arrange these immediately.

Gosh Karen, what a nightmare.

Is your daughter and baby staying with you too?

It’s definitely not a long term solution having your Mum stay with you, how long till the care agency can provide the care again? Does your Mum self fund her care visits or are funded by social care? It’s hard to advise as the Coronavirus Bill affects the Care act and the mechanisms of social care. Normally I’d be suggesting that as your Mum is not be provided with the care stated in her care plan, social care should be funding her stay in the care home.

However, I think you are more concerned about whether she is better off at your house with no bathroom or in lockdown in a care home. That’s a tough call, especially as you are also supporting your daughter post Caesarian, though is she nearly at 6 weeks post-op? So becoming more able to do things again physically? Unfortunately, it’s a decision only you and your family can make. Whatever you decide, we are here for you.


Several reports coming in of discoveries being made by local mutual aid groups who have been knocking on doors.

My local group … surrounding ex pit village … wheelchair bound widow … no carer called for three days , pre payment meter run out
two days prior , biscuits for food as no microwave meals left …

Best to check your own local rag’s web site for any being reported in your area.

Just to say thanks for all your advice. Just making contact with me was enough to help me in my panicked state.
Mum is still at home with us. Social Services have offered a care home solution but for the time being we have decided to keep her with us. Just on instinct really we feel it’s not the best time to go into care at all.
We got her chair from home by using the firms van so at least she can get up and down from that as it’s already been made higher for her.
She’s confused, bad tempered and tearful but safe for the time being.

Good move on getting her chair. I think I’d have made the same decision as you for the next few weeks. Pace yourself though, full time caring is tough.

Karen, come back whenever you need. None of us are going very far at the moment.