Moving house

Hi! I haven’t been on forum for a long time, and then had computer problems, but finally made it back! My partner has MS and now needs to move to a bungalow as present house not appropriate. Im finding organising the move daunting. If anyone has moved with a disabled person, and has any tips, they’d be much appreciated. The move is probably from London to Suffolk. At present he has 2 carers, 3 times a day, to help with personal care, transitioning, wash and dressing etc. I do everything else, and inevitably end up doing quite a bit of this too. Im sure I do too much, maybe all carers do, but I can’t not do it if it’s needed, and carers don’t happen to be there! Looking forward to to reading about your lives too, when I’ve posted this…

Maybe a week of residential care while the move is happening. It’s too much for one person.
Ask the removers to do the packing for you. When my son had to move, they did it all, amazingly quickly too.
Is your partner funded by the council, or NHS Continuing Healthcare? This affects how to manage the move itself.

In the meantime, concentrating on ditching everything that you will not need for your new life in the country.

A really good book about getting rid of “stuff” has a title that doesn’t translate well from Swedish. “The Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” by Magnusson. I’m sure they would sell more copies with a different title.
Perhaps " How to get rid of some of your stuff more easily!"
It’s only a small book, but funny, nothing to do with death.

When you know where you are heading. Contact Social Services and ask them to transfer your husbands information. And make contact with the new Social Services dept. So to avoid long delays in new assessments. They will need to be updated once you have moved. Having as much information as possible with be a good start. It will be difficult to put a care package together until in your new home. However, if you feel the care package should be the same state it.

Under the current legislation, your new council should maintain the package as assessed (obviously with a local provider), until they are able to carry out a proper assessment themselves. If it’s NHS Continuing Care, nothing will change.

Thank you all, that’s very helpful. At first the present care package was arranged by NHS. But after a few weeks it was transferred to the local authority. I find the carers very helpful, but their agency and local authority incredibly inflexible/rigid regardless of need. I am of course worried that the care package will somehow get much reduced, but hopefully not.

Keep social care when you move | Disability charity Scope UK.

Your new local authority must assess you
You have the legal right to the care in your old plan until your new local authority gives you a care needs assessment. This right is called the ‘continuity duty’ in the Care Act 2014.

Your care providers could change. For example, your new local authority might change your PA to someone from a different agency.

If you are partners, but not married, be sure to consider ownership of the property and who will inherit, live in it and own it on the death of the first partner. I know it’s a difficult subject.

Thank you bowling bun. We are civil partners now, as you can be, so I think that should be ok. A week of somewhere for him, or us to be while I sort out new floors and other things, but I just can’t get my head around where or how that could possibly be

Would your partner agree to a week in a nursing home in the new area to cover the first week after you have moved?
Most of us can make do for a while, I’m sure you could muddle through for a few days BUT you are going to be utterly exhausted if you try to do everything in a week. I’m a great list maker, so much easier on a computer, so I would suggest listing every single job and who can help you, and the cost.Could the removal company store your things, or some of them, for 2 weeks while on have the house completely cleaned, carpets laid etc? Could they hire staff out to you to help arrange the house? A strong removal man!?