Moving House

Besides home exchanges or transfers, are there other more urgent ways
that you can be moved?

We need a bit more information before we can answer your question.

Are you currently in council or housing authority housing?
Why do you want to move?
Is it related to a severe disability?

Housing association, disabled person has lots of issues particularly at nights, this is impacting
With neighbour moaning about noise, putting carer on edge as if not being 24/7 carer already

Does the caree require adaptations? Real shame when this sort of thing happens, there is another forum member called Faye who has had similar problems.

Already equipped with necessary things just the fact of neighbour complaining at night.
But back to my original question!

My question WAS related to your origin question,because of your carer needed facilities which could not be provided in your current home that would have been a good reason to ask for a move. Your original post didn’t say anything about the reason for your request being a neighbour complaining about noise at night!

Simply asked originally, ‘Other ways of moving’!

I don’t have any magic wands.
As this is an unpaid carer’s forum, I put forward an option that might have made it easier to move, using the grounds of the accommodation being unsuitable.
I’m sorry that option wasn’t workable, but I didn’t know the exact circumstances when I made this suggestion.
We can only speak on the forum of situations we have personally knowledge of, we are not paid advisors.
However, as part of Carers Week you will see elsewhere on the forum right now there is a Questions Event run by CUK’s advisors.
Maybe ask them?

I cant think of any,maybe find a care home and have patient move there, but i think you have covered that.