Advice on moving home

Hello good evening I hope all of you are well ? Would like to say thanks for all of you helping me in the past. This forum has really helped me.

So my mum is disabled because of a stroke 9 years ago. She also has type 2 diabetes. And I have a 20year old brother. We were talking and mum said she wants to move. The current home we are staying has alot of unpleasant memories. Also she barely leaves the house. The garden is unsuitable for her needs. To needs to walk around but she doesn’t due to anxiety and depression.

She says it’s time for a change. She’s worried about me and my brother. Truth be told, none of us are coping well. And this house holds very painful memories. Also we have stairs . And I think it can be daunting for mum to go up and down them.

So the question is, is it possible to move especially during the pandemic ?

And where do I start to make things happen ?

Honestly leaving would be good but I’m afraid. Thank you all for reading .

A lot depends on whether or not mum owns the home outright?

Moving can be quite expensive, so whilst you might be told what the house is worth, when looking at a new house, you need to put aside quite a lot of money for estate agents fees, solicitors fees etc.
Then think about the cost of new carpets, curtains etc.

When you talk about painful memories, what do you mean? Has someone died there recently?
We bought our cottage, semi derelict, in 1976 and turned it into a much loved cosy home.
Then I found my husband dead in bed from a heart attack.
For a while everything changed, I could have sold the house, and everything in it immediately afterwards.
After a while, things settled down, and it is our much loved home again. My sons and I can remember so many happy times, and all the love we put into the place.
Bad memories fade, then you remember the good times.

You could have a stair lift fitted.

I could never move as my house has all the memories
my deceased wife and I had together for the 40 odd years we lived here together.
If I moved it would feel to me like discarding her to strangers.

You can actually move during the pandemic, although as others have said, it needs thinking through very seriously. The stamp duty land tax you would normally have to pay was partly removed by the Chancellor last year and this continues till the end of June 2021, after which a lesser reduction will apply.

This does not make it easier to move, as there has been a rush to sell and buy and there is a big backlog of transactions trying to beat the deadline. It all depends on where you live, but at the moment there are fewer houses on the market than there have been and they are being snapped up perhaps too fast.

You can talk to any estate agent about selling, but take it all with a big pinch of salt. The agent might want to get your business even if it’s not in your interests. If you speak to more than one estate agent, you might get a better picture.

It may be that some people are waiting to sell until they feel safer about Covid.

I’ve just arranged to move but the council needed 20 working days to process searches, the Land Registry is also slow and some people aren’t managing to find removal firms.