Mother in hospital, have requested chc assessment

In order for it to be a proper checklist assessment, everyone (nurses, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist should prepare a report in advance, then there should be a meeting of all concerned INCLUDING YOU to discuss mum’s needs and how they are met. (It’s all in the Framework and the stuff Chris has loaded up, I’m sure, this is just my brief summary.
As you have POA, if it’s difficult for you to get the hospital it would be quite in order for you to travel by taxi at mum’s expense, not yours. Any other costs associated with her being in hospital should be borne by her too. Just keep a record.


Not involved with the CHC Assessment ?

An alarm bell has just gone off !

Copied over from the main thread :


_What is the full assessment ?**
If the preliminary assessment shows that you may be eligible for CHC, then you’ll have a full assessment. This will be carried out by a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of either :

two healthcare professionals from different healthcare professions,
one healthcare professional and one specialist community care assessor.

The multi-disciplinary team will use a checklist similar to the one used in the preliminary assessment checklist and score you on how serious your needs are in each of the categories in the checklist.

Because most of the categories considered in the assessment process don’t relate to mental health, and because of the way they are scored, people with only mental health problems are rarely considered eligible for CHC, as opposed to those with physical health problems.

What happens after the full assessment ?

The multi-disciplinary team will make a recommendation to your clinical commissioning group if you’re in England or local health board in Wales about whether you’re eligible for CHC. The clinical commissioning group or local health board will write to you to tell you whether you’re eligible and give reasons for their decision.

If you are eligible for CHC, the clinical commissioning group or local health board will discuss with you :

how your care and needs will be managed.

where it will be provided ( For example in your own home or a care home ).

which organisation will be responsible for meeting your needs.

Can I challenge the decision if I’m not eligible for CHC ?

Yes – if you have not been found eligible for CHC, you can challenge the decision this way:

Follow the review procedure of the clinical commissioning group that made the decision. The clinical commissioning group must have its own review procedure which should be publicly available and must be sent to you if you request it.

Apply for an Independent Review Panel. If the local clinical commissioning group review doesn’t uphold your complaint, you can apply for an Independent Review Panel to review the decision. For more information, see the NHS Continuing Healthcare page._**

Just spoke to a staff nurse and asked what a chc assessment is for, she told me it would an assessment of what her needs would be once home.

I asked who would do the assessment and was told that it would be the frialty team ie social workers, ot, etc. She didnt mention me being there. I ring later and mention that I will be coming to join in the assessment.

Anything I need to say to help mother’s case?

A question of BOTH your mothers needs and you own !

Main thread again ?

I did say that I was struggling with 3 hours off a week (nurse just rang from frialty team and asked millions of questions).

She said a home may be better so I reiterated that I wanted mother to be cared for at home and she wants to be at home.

I also said I want to be present at the chc assessment. The nurse said that it can be done in the community as I had requested it when mother was at home.

I explained that I asked for it in thenhospital and gave her the date of the relevant call. She got a tad flustered!

Her estimated discharge date is toorrow!!! I mantioned the chc assessment when they said that. Lets hope they keep me properly informed. Will be ringing them tonight and tomorrow.

Nurse also said that social services may be able to give me more time off. How come they said 3 hours a week max then? Errr well I am not a social worker so I dont really know. Your mother could be eligible for respite care at a local nursing home. I will speak to the social workers.

Make sure your Mum isn’t discharged until after the CHC assessment meeting. Don’t be available to receive her if they just send her home in hospital transport. She can’t get in by herself can she?
Ask for info in writing/ email of when the meeting will be and get there early. Write down bullet points of you want to say. Ask for copies of everything.


Mother definately cant get in by herself!!! I couldnt bear to send her back to hospital if the ambulance drew up outside with her though.

I have said that I want to be there for the assessment. I will defo arrive early and will take notes. What an utter faff it all is.

Good point about writing down what I want to say. Honestly I am so stressed.

Getting any help ( financial, decent care etc) is a massive faff, only the most persistent succeed.


Being discharged from hospital - NHS

The BIBLE … NOT by the book , NO DISCHARGE !!!

I made certain that the CHC assessment meeting went at the pace I wanted it to, as they just want to rattle through it all and run off asap. I claimed not to know any of the jargon they were using (not true, I’d worked in a hospital!). I insisted they explained everything in their reports.

Best idea of all was for me to write my OWN AGENDA for the meeting, written formally, with headings, name, date, location, time.
Then bullet points like

I printed off enough copies for everyone. You should have seen their faces, no one had clearly ever done that before!!!
I made it clear that the meeting MUST address these issues.

Arrive in plenty of time, go to the canteen for a quite drink, then go to the loo, so you are calm and collected and unflustered as possible. Dress very formally. Insist they treat you with respect, and do not talk down at you. If they start doing this, explain that’s what you feel they are doing. As mum’s “Expert Carer” you deserve respect.

Good luck. It’s utterly exhausting, but you are fighting for a good life both for you and mum, because you ARE a good carer, and it’s what she deserves in her Twilight Years, and has paid into the NHS all her life.

Melly, massive faff is right!

Chris, sorry just cant manage huge lumps of text but will try and skim read it again.

Bb, ruddy good idea. Headings and bullet points. Wonderful. I think my neighbour may have a photocopier.

I really really want to be able to enjoy whatever time my mother has left. She’s better get some funding after all this!

There’s always that 56 minutes worth of Professor Luke Clements on offer.

With some of his lectures , he could charge a £ 100 per seat … and still sell out within minutes !

There don’t come much better … trouble is , the subject matter !

Bland text ?

Could not agree more … CUK … please restore the INK function so that we can , at least , colour code sections making threads like the CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare EASIER to read and , hopefully , comprehend.


Good luck with CHC but don’t hold your breath, I also went for the - write your own report, hand it out at meeting approach but didn’t get me anywhere. Dad’s skin tear wounds that were being packed daily for 18 months “were responding to treatment” in other words leg hadn’t yet fallen off. Many falls but not in the High risk group , problems eating , drinking, but not at that precise moment so all was well. Major stroke but historical relatively speaking, The excuses went on and on- just enough to not score the top marks. He had stage 4/5 kidney disease, fractured spine, cataracts nearly blind, nearly completely deaf, major stomach ulcer and surgery, major stroke, final stage of dementia, double incontinence, problems with eating, leg ulcers, pseudomonas, sepcis, UTIs, bent double, swollen legs,not ill enough for CHC funding on the South Coast.
Just don’t build your hopes up and any success is a major bonus.

Henrietta has made a very valid point.

Case of a YES in one area . a NO in another … a post code lottery ?

Rationing … discussed in a separate thread :

Also , in postings made in the CUK originated thread … Hospital Discharges.

Both threads now form part of the main CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare thread.

In essence , the facilities are on offer but … and a big BUT at that.

I watched that amazing video on you tube and took notes. Will be ringing to find out when my meeting with the frialty team or whoever does the chc assessments is due to take place.

I wont bold my breath but I will keep asking.

Visited Mother today. She is frail and dr thinks she may have some kind of internal rupture.

She said they will be doing a ct scan but that Mother would not be strong enough to operate on so will use antibiotics and paracetamol to fight the infection and a small dose of morohine for the pain.

Mother said “I would rather have a large dose of morphine”!

She hardly opened her eyes but was delighted to see me and to see her best friend who drove me there.

I want to visit her soon.

I asked about chc funding and the dr explained that they would see what was going on health wise first and it may be fast track chc.

I cried on the way home.


I asked about chc funding and the dr explained that they would see what was going on health wise first and it may be fast track chc.

That , in itself , is a result … of sorts.

Our thoughts are with you , Jacqueline.

(((HUGS))) Jacqueline.
At least the doctor has been honest with you, and is arranging for mum to have a scan.
Do you know when that is likely to happen.
I’m sure your emotions are whirling round tonight. Try to eat, and drink, and rest, even if sleep is elusive.
As mum knows when you are visiting, your visits will be a huge comfort for her. At this stage, ensuring that she is comfortable while waiting for results is all you can really do for her.
I’m glad that they have put discharge on hold for the time being.
We are here for you.

(((( hugs Jacqueline))) I know it won’t be easy, but try to rest.

Thank you Chris, Bb and pet.

Imsat with the dogs and watched a. It of ab fab the movie then had food and a hot bath.

I rang and spoke to mother who was in pain. I spoke to the dr who said they would continue to offer morphine (which she is refusing)!!!

Will ring tomorrow and visit as soon as I can.

Agree that talking about fast track chc is a kind of victory Chris. The only kind of chc funding likely to be granted I would imagine.