Mother hates having personal care

She has tried to bite one of the carers (again) todsy. Reasoning with her is hard as she says thimgs like

They are being cruel deliberately. Look at them they are enjoying it, especially him!

She says she doesnt need care and asks why they wont just go away.

Yet we have perfectly normal conversations so much of the time. Must be the stress of being rolled and hoisted. Mother is spending more and more time in bed to avoid being hoisted.

I find it sad and stressful.

My husband hates personal care too. Hates the hoist. On Friday night it seems he refused to be helped to bed. I’m wondering if it was because he didn’t want to be ’ messed’ about. The day staff told me, and bemoaned about the night staff because they hadn’t tried hard enough? Selfishly, I wish they hadn’t told me. He probably won’t remember, and I can’t do anything about it sadly.
Really I’m just explaining this to reassure you it’s not uncommon. (((( Hugs)

Thank you. My mother still has a pretty good memory most of the time she just gets uber stressed and anxious by the hoist and by being washed by strangers. Cant blame her really.

At least she is at home.

Dont blame you not wanting to be told. Lifenis hard enough. It must be difficult seeing your husband in this position …