Misuse of Care Homes during Covid Pandemic

It appears from several press reports that Care Homes are set to be used once again as a dumping ground for elderly Covid patients discharged from hospital. What HAS the Government been doing all summer? Do they really have no better solution than to kill off the elderly? Meanwhile the Nightingale centres are more or less empty.

Is it not enough that residents have been denied their basic human rights by being separated from family and partners for months? It’s extremely difficult for everyone. These days are precious.

The mental health of many has suffered, as is the case with my own mother (87) who is just overwhelmed by it all.
My Dad’s 30 minutes per week visit (that’s all they allow due to “staff shortages”) is really inadequate.

And then they announce this too…disgusted.

I totally agree.


All I can say is that I know for sure that the Care Home where my Mum is will not be taking any covid cases. Last time the Manager and deputy tried so hard not to take in ANY people from hospitals, let alone Covid patients but the NHS insisted they had to. The best they could do was to insist that Anybody ambulanced in was not allowed off it until care home staff in full PPE had checked them, read their notes and taken their temperature.

It is all just one big nightmare.