Government policy for Care Homes

Anyone else seen this?

So what’s this saying ?? Basically that care homes are expected to admit elderly patients from their homes if NHS can’t cope , some of whom may have covid-19, and everyone will be safe as long as they follow govt. guidelines to keep others safe???

Trying to kill elderly off more like !

If frontline NHS can’t get the PPE they need what about care homes?

A VERY hot and disturbing topic being discussed and circulated OFF forum … given the sensitivity of what has been reported.

PPE is just part of the bigger picture being revealed in recent newspaper articles and what many have had experience of first hand ( Postings on the forum ).

Carers UK are aware of the continuing , and now escalating , problem of hospital discharges , now with the care home factor :

There are a lot of silly mistakes being made. Most recently 3 patients moved from a carehome to hospital without any kind of testing beforehand…they show up at hospital and result in 5 hospital staff having to self isolate…how much worse can it get…
Luckily it was the carehome where my Mum USED to be…