Mental health

Don’t know where to start but start at the beigning i am a care for my husband who suffer from depression and pdo for abt 2 half year. He has try to take his life a few times now but i been there to stop him but he tells me i should of just let him go and he was see cpn but that has all stop and i try getting back before all this virus start and get no where and now he not taking his meds as he say nobody care but i said i do but that goes in one ear n out the other n now not looking forward to xmas but just want someone to talk too that knows what i am going through as i can talk to him as he said u got no problems. He say it my fault he like this n just dont know what to do

Hi Julie

he said u got no problem


You have got problems your have your husband’s.

Your husband has his problems and you have his. Sometimes it is necessary to point things out. Even though it’s hard there are two people in a marriage. And I guess you didn’t sign up or think this would be your future. Your husband has to understand yes he has problems. And you are trying to help but you are also allowed a positive life. Without his medication he will not be a reasonable or rational person. So you will not be able to support him. I am really sorry to hear your Christmas will be disruptive.

You are not to blame and do not think you are!

You need to be really strong and brave and if necessary. Take yourself away from the situation. Give yourself time to collect your thoughts and have just me time. I know given the latest lock down charges this makes things much worse.

Hi Julie, Sorry to hear about your husband’s depression. It is very worrying that he has stopped taking his medication. Has he been given the local Mental health teams phone number? If not then it is essential that you contact his GP to tell him your concerns.
Plus try to get some support from your /his family so that you can share the responsibility.