Mental health housing issues right of entry

I have been looking after a caree for many years, has mental health issues, and is afraid of strangers, does not have anyone in the house.
Under the terms of the tenancy, have to let the gas engineer in, yearly gas safety check but that’s it, no one else comes to the house.
Myself and a few others look after this caree, lets us in the house, to help etc minor issues.

Very little help has been offered, just left to their own devices.

There is no social worker, no mental health worker, no one is involved or helps.

Suddenly the tenancy organisation is wanting to do a welfare check, come into the house make sure the caree is alright.
My caree is scared of this visit and what will happen, doesn’t like interuptions to their life.
Apparently the tenancy agency have the right to visit and come in the house, they have never cared or done anything before.
I have tried explaining that the house is their “safe place” and it would damage their mental health with this visit, already my caree is terrified of what will happen, anxiety etc.
But the tenancy organisation have little idea about mental health and the impact these visit can cause.
What rights has my caree got in this situation, I will be phoning Mind on Monday see what they say?

Sorry Londonbound,
I don’t have direct experience of this.

Seeking advice from Mind, Shelter or Citizen’s Advice sounds like a good idea.

When I rented we had a clause in the agreement that said we must allow the landlord to inspect the property if required and for maintenance etc.

I have never heard of welfare visits before. Is this tenancy under an organisation that is meant to be offering support?

I would check their tenancy agreement. I’m wondering if a member of the public for example, has raised concerns with the organisation and this has triggered the visit.


Full explanations above

It is nothing to cause anxiety really. My son with LD has regular checks, may take under 5 minutes. In with a clipboard, nose in every room, job done! The main concern is to make sure the tenant isn’t running a cannabis factory!! Also to make sure it’s in OK order.

It will help your caree if you or someone he knows is with him when he has the welfare check.

I forgot to mention in my last post that my son’s letting agency always ring me up and tell me when they will be going to visit his flat. Surely the agency concerned can do that?

They came and went and that was it, looking for tenant sub letting or multiple occupancy, cannabis factory, evidence of running a business? I don’t know.

… or just to tick a box.


My comments are made based on my experience of caring for 10 people, all family, over 40 years. My son, who has severe learning difficulties, lives alone in a privately rented flat. Inspections are done regularly, the letting agent had a bad experience of a property being used as a cannabis factory! It was NOT a flippant remark!
I would like “an LD specialist” involved. He’s seen one, briefly, in the last 41 years!!!