Mental Health & Direct Payments


Do people diagnosed with psychosis unable to manage their own affairs get direct payments?

What about depression, anxiety? If there’s a need for someone to do their washing and take them outdoors as they are incapable of doing it themselves?

Possible … Needs Assessment first through their LA.

Anyone should be able to have direct payments. If the person concerned cannot manage them on their own, then someone else can be appointed to manage them. They are calculated on the basis of NEED rather than by disability.

Would you like to tell us a bit more about the person concerned? Age is particularly relevant? Living alone? Current support, if any, from health or Social Services?

If the person has been Sectioned under the Mental Health regulations, then sometimes that person has a lifelong entitlement to support if needed. I don’t know much more about this situation as it hasn’t affected me personally.

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I look after 5 people and my time is used up so much I can’t get other things done such as my business or work Mon-Fri 9-5 and I’m exhausted/stressed and have not had a holiday in years.

I could earn £1148 on national minimum wage working for a company standard 35 hours per week, however due to looking after 5 people varying amounts of time unable to or spend more hours on the business however caring hours far exceed 50 hours per week. Thing is i am unable to get carers allowance for these people as they already get it with their sons and daughters who live in a different country and hardly visit.

My husband and I once supported 5 people all on highest DLA care at the same time - both sets of parents living nearby, and a son with learning difficulties, a business to run, and a club. My husband died of a heart attack and I developed life long health problems. Don’t let this happen to you.

Tell us more about who you are caring for, and we may be able to help.

Did you get a budget from social services to help you?

Any other emotional or other support you got?

things have got better recently much more support.