My mum is caring for her brother (79) who was recently diagnosed with vascular dementia. She shares caring with his partner (who doesn’t live with him).
She lives nearby but cannot visit more than once a day.

He has diabetes and recently had eye surgery - he keeps forgetting to take his morning diabetes medication and frequently forgets eye drops that he is meant to take 4 times per day… Any tips please on ways to remember to take meds when the carer isn’t there?

Please bear in mind that his home isn’t get dementia friendly - it is full of books and nic-nacks… difficult to find anything!

thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome and hello! Have you ever heard of Pivotell? When my brother was a baby, I purchased a notebook to record details about his medication schedule. I still use it when I need to. My cared for person is on Ditropan (bladder medication) as he has serious bladder issues.
Maybe also try to talk with him about clutter and how to reduce. You can find books on reducing clutter at your local library or online. Try goodreads as well. Does he have OCD or not?

Please can you tell mum that her brother is now exempt from Council Tax as dementia counts as “severe mental impairment”. It can be backdated to the day of diagnosis.
He should also be entitled to Attendance Allowance.
Does mum manage his money now?