Medicine dosage

Hi everyone, I have an issue that I would like some feedback and advice on please, it is rather a long story, so please bear with me,
My Husband David, is bedbound with physical disabilities and he also has Vascular Dementia,
3 weeks ago, I was giving David his cup of tea, and he wanted to take the lid off so that he could dip his biscuits in the tea, he couldn’t wait for me to help him, so he managed to get it off himself, and in doing so, he spilt the hot tea over himself, he burnt his testies, and also there was a nasty burn on his left buttock, so he went into hospital where they dressed the wound and then sent him home 2 days later, then last Wednesday he managed to pull off the dressing as he was scratching the burn area, so I phoned up NHS111 to see if a Dr could come out and re dress the wound, I spoke to a helpful Dr who told me that they themselves do not carry dressings, but he said he would get an early hours District Nurse to come out and dress the wound, which she did do, at 30 mins past midnight, so all that was sorted.
I then in the morning got a phone call from a lady who I presume was one of the medical team at 111 who informed me from one of our carers, who she named that this carer had reported to 111 that I was giving David too much Warfarin, Now as you can imagine I was very angry at this allegation as 1 she is not here when I give David all his medications and 2 how on earth does she know what meds I give him, she said that I had given him 9mg, now David has never had that high a dosage the highest dosage he had was 6mg,Now I have all his daily dosages written down in a book which is kept in the medicine drawer along with his meds, Now David has 2 carers 4 times a day, and they are here to administer to David’s personal needs so they log all that into the log book, but they do not log any medicines in the log book as I am in charge of those, so my question is, can I have this carer sued for slander as this is a serious allegation, I have spoken to our care manager who this carer is attached too, and she said she will look into it, But I want it taken further, I will refuse to have this carer back into the bungalow, thank you, Maggie,

Hi Maggie,
There will be a record of the prescription and there is your record and also the remaining medication which will clearly prove that you have given him the correct dosage as prescribed, Unless there is any missing?
It seems to be a very odd thing for this carer to do.
Is there any missing? If so, and you are certain of the dosage you have given him where has it gone? Why has this carer suddenly accused you when she is not witness to the giving of dosage at any time? Very odd. Has she given him extra or taken some away and trying to cover her back?
I agree with you not having her back as a carer. I can understand why you are furious. I agree that this should be investigated.
IF there is none missing, then the carer has some problem that needs investigating.
Firstly, check on the medication remaining. When you are certain that all is accounted for (or not), then calmly work out your next step. Perhaps protect yourself by getting an independent person to witness the medication count.

Please come back to say what you found.

Hi Elaine, thank you for your message, I am the only person who gives David his meds, and I have a book with all the dosages and the names of the meds in it, I had a phone call from Social services this morning to confirm what I give David, and about this allegation, the lady who I spoke to, said that she would get in contact with our care agency and also she will have a chat with her own manager to see how this can be resolved,

How it’s going now?

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