Loss of motivation

I have periods in my life when I lose motivation and what made me feel well before, just doesn’t anymore. At first, taking a stroll at parks with friends helped me just fine. Then, things got worse, and I had to consult a psychologist. My psychologist used to be quite helpful in the very beginning, but unfortunately for me, things haven’t been very stable when it came to my financial situation, so I couldn’t keep up with him for a while now. I’m feeling very isolated, in a constant broken state, cannot trust my own entourage, sleep long durations to escape from my issues, do not have a will to keep going forward… basically, I think I’ve pretty much lost all motivation in going forward with my life, and at this point, I do not know what to do anymore.

Hi Rajesh,

this forum is primarily for those caring for a family member or friend.

For support with mental health I suggest you visit https://www.mind.org.uk