Looks like the Coronavirus Bill/Act is about to hit funding

Coronavirus: English councils could resort to ‘extreme cost-cutting’

Local councils in England are “extremely concerned” they will not get more funding to tackle coronavirus.

Councils face increased costs from supporting vulnerable people, while their income from fees and rates is falling.

Mr Watts - the LGA’s resource chairman - began his letter by thanking the minister for his “hard work on behalf of local government”, and said measures, including the £1.6bn funding and deferral of business rates payments, were “helpful in providing some stability and certainty”.

But he said the cash was an “insufficient sum” and members of the LGA had heard from the department that “further funding may not be forthcoming despite previous promises”.

I can see S and others like him losing their hard fought for individual budgets, without the support our set up is not tenable. Three weeks into Lockdown and I’m already on my knees and both our mental wellbeing is suffering.


I wonder if CUK could make urgent representations on our behalf. With day services cut, we are doing far, far more. Money for everyone else but none for us at all?


This is not good.

I’m feeling exhausted myself wondering how on earth I’m gonna make it through lockdown myself.

My two sons need a high level of support, and with one of them going to bed late its even worse.

We shouldn’t always be the ones to pay the price.

It’s all looking very grim . Plenty of money being printed but not for us!