Looking to become a carer


I’m not a carer but I would like to become one for my partner who I’ve been with for over ten years. My partner feels it will be alot on me due to my mental health and also worries that if I do she will lose the carer she already has I’m just wondering can I become a carer claim carers allowance if I can and if so will this affect her current care I don’t think it will any advice or help would be amazing

Hi Owen, welcome to the forum

You don’t say whether you are living with your partner, or what kind of support she needs but I would think you are already caring for her in some way without realising it. Caring is also about emotional support and putting someone else’s needs before your own, it’s very common for people to be carers without realising they are!

Have a look at the help and advice section of our website, there’s lots of information about any support you may be entitled to as well as information about looking after your own health and well being as a carer. We’ve also got a helpline you can call if you’ve got questions about benefits etc.the number is on that page.

Best wishes